Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weaving In Loose Ends

Before Bill headed off to the lumber yard this morning, I had him take off his hat and use it to pick a winner for the Loose Ends drawing (which I wrote about here and here). Congratulations to Eileen, who won a copy of my book New Age Looping. As a special thank-you, I'll also send a copy of the book to Jacki: I appreciate her letting me know about her problem with the Loose Ends widget. If you two will send your mailing addresses to me privately at donnastitches[at]gmail[dot]com, I'll send your books right away. And thank you all for your comments, and for reading!

It's not all loose ends around here, but it sort of seems that way. I took some time off from studio cleaning to work on a project I described briefly earlier in the week. Here's are WIP pictures from the Branching Off piece I'm making from the contents of my overstuffed Black Hole bin.

I have more stitching to do before the leaves go on, but that will be next week. Today I'm tackling dark corners!


  1. wow this looks so neat, very impressed with what you are doing, look forward to finished piece

  2. Not much different from what you do with your scrappy quilts except on a much smaller scale!


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