Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So Much To Learn -- And I Need Your Help!

For many people, the last week of the year is a time for tying up loose ends. We clear out old files, discard mostly-empty jars of dried-up fabric paint, and donate leftover yarns and fabrics to thrift shops and guild exchanges. I'm doing some of that this week myself.

But I need your help to get ready for one thing I need to do in 2013. First, here's the situation.

I signed up to take an online class from the University of Edinburgh called E-learning & Digital Cultures. I already teach online classes (Cross-Knit Looping begins January 15 and New Age Looping Basics begins February 5). But in this fast-changing world, I know there's much to learn.

I'm particularly interested learning ways to foster connections among students in online workshops. A handful of my fiber arts instructor friends are taking the class together so we can bounce ideas off each other.

It's more than a month before the start of the class we're taking, and already students from around the world are connecting on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. They're already setting up study groups that will comment on each others' blog postings related to course material. But that got me thinking about whose opinions really matter to me. And the answer to that was easy: Yours.

So when the class starts I plan to write about how things I learn can be applied to e-learning and digital culture in the fiber community. I'd like to post that writing here where I hope you'll comment on it, and maybe ask your friends to put in their two cents' worth as well. But I don't want to drive away readers who prefer I stick to topics like looping and natural dyeing and gift-making.

So what do you think: Post here or not? Please hit the Comments link below and let me know. Thanks!


  1. Its my humble opinion to post here. Although I am not a looper I would enjoy hearing comments in regards to your eclasses

  2. I'd like to see posts on this subject.

  3. I agree post the things on this subject you never know when something out of the blue will be just what you are looking for.

  4. Of course i would be interested to see your posts here. Don't hesitate, do it!

  5. I say post sounds interesting and maybe some day I may participate in an online classroom.


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