Monday, September 19, 2011

Six-Way Mirror The Easy Way

Really, it was a good thing I was such a slacker this weekend. Otherwise, I would have finished writing thank-you notes to students from my Digital Fabric at Sievers before I read about

Hands On

Repper offers a free demo, so I decided to try it with a photo I took of everyone's hands on the first day of class.

My square selection was from the far right side of this rectangular source image (to get the pink shirt into the pattern). For the tiling option, I used p6m, which is hexagonal and mirrored in six directions. I exported the JPG and uploaded it to Spoonflower to get the image you see at the top of the post.

I printed the source image and the Repper pattern JPG on a sheet of inkjet silk for each student and wrote my thank-yous on that fabric instead of paper. In each envelope, I tucked in an 8"x8" Spoonflower color swatch. I ordered those just a bit too late to arrive in time for class. Rats -- I really wanted everyone to see swatches printed on each of Spoonflower's fabric options. I need to order the whole collection again to keep in my sample kit.

The heads-up on Repper came from Jezze Prints. Take a look at Jesse's Repper designs, which are very cool.

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