Friday, January 18, 2013

Recycling: The Camel Hair Coat Chronicles

There are only a few pieces left from the man's camel hair coat I bought at Goodwill last fall. Students in a natural dye class last fall used most of the coat. I kept the parts that were gunky with fused interfacing.

Some of that got used in a project for the Cross-Knit Looping eCourse that started this week. Registration for XKL closes tomorrow, but you can still get into New Age Looping Basics, which begins February 5.

Students will see it in Lesson 2, which posts next Tuesday.

I love working with this camel hair fabric and wish I had more. But I'm not even tempted to contribute my own camel hair coat to the cause. It was my mom's playground duty coat. When she retired from teaching, she gave it to me. It has to be 25 or 30 years old but it's still my go-to coat for dressy occasions and any occasion when temps are sub-zero.

You may see a picture of it next week.

I guess it's time to scour the thrift shops for another camel hair coat.

What kind of recycled materials are you on the hunt for? And what's your best thrift store find?

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  1. You are soooo good at finding useful "raw"-matreials for your projects at the recycle-stores. Love it!


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