Monday, October 29, 2012

Leftovers Again? It's A Gift

Sometimes, a little of this and a little of that turns out to be just the right amount when you combine them. That's what I did with the dregs of several natural dyebaths. I can't tell you what all was in the concoction I used it to top-dye some yarn I bought at a garage sale. I can tell you I like the color now much better than the original garish red. That red skein will get overdyed shortly. In fact, I have a whole box of yarns set aside to overdye.

With holiday gift-making about to come to the top of my to-do list, I stashed another box by my sewing table. It's full of leftovers and unfinished demo pieces from this teaching season. That box is bigger than my "Black Hole," but I'm going to treat it sort of the same way: Set a timer, reach in, grab materials, make something. I don't expect to finish everything I start, or that they'll all be gift-worthy. But I'm feeling a need to limit the time I spend sorting through materials. Sometimes, that's just stalling.

More leftovers went into this quilted cuff I made for my sister. And a piece I made for my mom's birthday but forgot to photograph.

Can you guess what we had for supper?


  1. You had the same as we did: leftovers :-)
    What a continued source of inspiration you are, Donna. Overdying good quality wool - I would never have thought about it. I have to (soon :-) ) get into dying with some of my willow.

  2. Too bad we're not closer, Lene -- we could exchange leftovers and yarn and it would seem like we both had something new!


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