Monday, August 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes

Some days, it feels pretty good to finish something, even if no one else will ever see it.

I got the freezer defrosted and ready for me to start stuffing with willow and sumac leaves for winter natural dyeing projects. And I found more applesauce.


  1. Congrats! Want to come and do mine?

    1. Lol, Kathy -- I'll be there in about 18 months, give or take!

  2. you are coming to California? for a class? Will I get to see you again?

  3. Rats -- my smart aleck comment puts me in the position where I have to explain that 18 months is about how often I even consider thinking about defrosting the freezer (not necessarily doing it).

    I would love to come to come back to California to teach, though -- and to see you! Might not defrost your freezer, but I would bring cheese curds :)

  4. Cheese curds would be great - my freezer will need defrosting before that - it is making funny noises. Have you thought about a class for Misti? I would sign up for that!

  5. Think Misti would be interested in a constructed vessels class, Kathy? I'd love to come back!


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