Monday, July 9, 2012

Taking A Breath

The summer fantasy of reading trashy novels at the beach while sipping something cool sounds fun, but everyone we know seems to keep a pretty fast pace during the summer.

In the whirlwind, there are magical moments. I was up with the birds on July 4, so took my morning mug (no trashy novel, though) to the Ridges on Washington Island. A pair of sandhill cranes objected to me walking all the way to Carlin's Point. It was getting hot anyway, so I headed back to Sievers to meet a friend for coffee before my class began.

When I left home a week ago yesterday to teach the 5-day Digital Fabric class at Sievers, there were at least two more posts I still wanted to write about the Willow Gathering at Decorah in June. But the pace of summer is what it is.

I got home Friday in time to do laundry so I'd have something clean to wear on Saturday. That's when our local Independence Day celebration was scheduled. The volunteer fire department's fundraiser at the festivities is a corn roast. They always need willing hands to cover while some of the guys are driving fire trucks in the parade.

Bill and I left those festivities in time to clean up and drive to Michigan for a wedding. This couple's ceremony and reception were absolutely beautiful, joyfully relaxed and fun for all ages. We visited with old friends, ate good food, watched kids play, and celebrated the union of two people with feet firmly on the ground and stars in their eyes.

Yesterday, about all I did was read the Sunday paper. But our friend Annie called to say she was attempting her first blueberry pie baked over an open fire in a cast iron dutch oven. The conversation around their campfire is always good, and her excellent pie just made it better.

Today I chased some dust bunnies around the house, cleaned the toilet, filled a book order, and chipped away at what piles up during the transition from one trip to the next. It's a few weeks before I leave to teach again. For now, I'm catching my breath and looking forward to getting back in the studio. And blissfully grateful to enjoy cooler weather and a quiet evening at home with Bill.


  1. You really deserved some quiet days.
    The photo of the happy coupple at the water's edge is stunning.

  2. Lene, another friend took an absolutely stunning photo of the couple seated on a bench at the water's edge, with the flower girl wearing the bride's veil and another little girl in white hiding behind a tree. Truly magical, and I can't stop thinking about it. Love it when that happens!


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