Friday, April 27, 2012

May And June Workshops

How can spring-like weather arrive so early and it still feels like May snuck up on us? If you've been meaning to register for a class and realize it's just around the corner (that usually happens for me when I flip the calendar from one month to the next) never fear -- you can probably still get into these upcoming workshops.)

May 19 Burundi Looping Workshop for Flambeau Area Fiber Artists, Ladysmith, Wisconsin

But preparing to teach a class is not something I can let sneak up on me. So I've been cutting fabric swatches, winding skeins, prepping image transfers, painting waxed linen, and working on handouts for upcoming workshops. My studio is in the state of chaos that precedes teaching travel. It's not pretty.

Neither are my hands. A little weeding and my hands are rough enough to snag the silk in the Mother's Day gift I'm stitching. I should be better about wearing gloves, but there are times when you just want to get your hands dirty.

Let's see: I need to have that Mother's Day gift in the mail by when?

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