Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Recycling -- Curtains & PJs Edition

Spoiler Alert: Christmas presents discussed. Proceed with caution, or be prepared to develop gift amnesia (you know who you are!).

After this morning's trip to town, I can mark four holiday gifts "done." One trip down the hardware aisle at Fleet Farm, which carries washers in two colors, and the fold-up checkerboards are complete.

These gifts began with one set of recycled cafe curtains in a heavy cotton duck. After the fabric took a dip in the indigo dye vat, I cut each panel in two to make four checkerboards. The contrast fabric is from a box of goodies my sister-in-law's bff gave me. I'm pretty sure these were pajamas at one time before they were cut up for quilting.

On the end of each board, I stitched pockets for storing the washers. And I added snap tape so the board can be folded up and secured with the washers in the pockets. Here's how they fold:

I haven't weighed them with the washers in place, but I think the weight and bulk will be just fine for canoe camping and cabin life. Since the snap tape was on a closeout, my total out-of-pocket expense for these four gifts was under $4. It will cost more to mail them than to make them, but not by much, since they're so light.

Are you making holiday gifts with recycled elements? Hit the comment button to share your ideas: I'm still pulling a blank on what to make for a couple of people!


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