Monday, January 7, 2013

January Thaw

The holidays are over, the winter solstice is past, and we're taking baby steps toward more hours of daylight than darkness.

For me, those few extra minutes of daylight at the beginning and end of the day make a huge difference in how I feel. Or maybe it's just getting back to the routine of deadlines to meet. In any case, it's great to have a boost of energy and feel productive again. Could it be partly because I'm keeping up with my creativity warm-ups?

Here's the reward that's waiting for me when I mark a few more things off my to-do list:  I'll thaw out some of my frozen natural dye materials and start the transformation of this "winter white" yarn into other colors.

Are you feeling the January thaw?

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of your dyeing the yarn.

  2. Me, too, Lene -- me too! I'm afraid it's going to be February. But isn't it nice that we're getting more hours of daylight as we creep toward spring!


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