Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Waxed Linen

The students in the spring session of my New Age Looping Basics eCourse have been very interested in learning to paint and wax their own threads.

Last month, I posted a short video I made for them on how to paint commercially produced waxed linen. Here's another short video I made for them showing how I wax my hand-dyed linen thread, and how to wind the waxed thread into a center-pull ball.

As this session of the eCourse draws to a close, students are getting the last of their projects posted and sharing lots of great tips, ideas and inspirations. I'll be sorry to see the class end, and hope they'll continue to share on the New Age Looping Study Group on Facebook.

A new session of the eCourse is scheduled for September 11 - November 1. Registration is open now. I wonder what special interests the next group will have?


  1. I have enjoyed the e-course so much, Donna. I have your "Twenty Questions" of design taped up in my crafting space, now. :-) I appreciate the kick in the pants this course has been for me, forcing me to re-examine how I choose to include creativity (in any form) in my daily life.

    I ran across a quote from Sara Lamb, either shortly before or shortly after the course started. It was a little bit more of a "Duh!" moment (slap my forehead) than an "ah-ha!" moment, since it is something I know from experience. But Sara words it so succinctly, that I have added it to my notes. She said,

    "Creativity does not happen unless you are working."

    She goes on to say, "Ideas are not created in a vacuum; they don't float around in the air waiting for someone to capture them. As you work, ideas flow. Ideas build on each other like bricks: learning a technique, building on tradition, your hands and mind work together to make something new. In the beginning, most works will not take your breath away, but they will be the stepping-stones to superlative work." ~ from Woven Treasures, pg. 127

    The e-course was a very enjoyable series of stepping-stones for me. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Andrea -- both for your wonderful presence in the course and for this great quote from Sara Lamb!


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