Monday, November 1, 2010

Matters of Perspective

Branching Below by Donna Kallner
Another Black Hole piece finished. This one started as a challenge to use up fabric from a bag of strippy silk scraps.You might notice, though, that the piece is oriented differently now.

Work in progress -- original orientation

 Originally, I intended to add leaves dangling from the branches. But when I rotated the piece, the branches became the roots that support the tree. This is the second small "use up stuff" piece I've made where the focus has shifted to what's happening underground. I'm listening.

In another matter of perspective, we're seeing the willow harvest in a new light. A friend's daughter is getting married in May, and they plan to do the arrangements for the tables at the reception. Yesterday, they came with another friend and the four of us made quick work of cutting two rows of willow.

Wedding Willow Harvesters
I can't wait to see the arrangements they come up with -- something involving large vases, Granny Smith apples and willow.

It was a beautiful day to be outside making a joyful memory. Instead of being made into a basket or trellis, this willow will be woven into their story. What a great symbol it is for the start of a marriage, where strength is best tempered with flexibility.

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