Friday, October 29, 2010

Under The Throat Plate

Earworm alert: I typed the title of this post, and now have "Under The Boardwalk" (with alternate lyrics) as the soundtrack for my day.

I'm trying to decide which is more magical -- the way a sewing machine works or the process where an animated illustration comes through the air to display on my computer screen. Thank you to Marie E of Colored Thread for a heads-up on the Tyler School of Art Fibers & Material Studies: how sewing machines work!

It must be a coincidence that during the big blow, where we expected to lose power for who knows how long, I dusted off my sewing machine. Nothing dramatic to report -- just a new work apron, a tea bag caddy for travel, a clip-on fob for my thread cutter, and I finally got some curtains shortened.

I could have stitched every one of those projects by hand and been quite content. I love the rhythm of hand stitching, even when it's something as non-sexy as straight seams. I'm trying to learn to love my sewing machine, well, if not the same way then as more than a casual friend.

Maybe it needs a pet name. When my friend Jackie Abrams got her band saw, she gave it a nice, safe name -- Mavis, I think.

Do you have a name for your sewing machine? Any suggestions on a name for mine?

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