Friday, September 7, 2012

Harvesting Color -- Goldenrod

You understand how it is when you have company: Instead of "I should take pictures of this beautiful basket of hastily harvested dyestuff" you're thinking "Is there enough milk for breakfast tomorrow?"

Fresh goldenrod in the dyepot
But I did get goldenrod gathered while my parents were visiting. That went in the freezer -- we'll see how well that works this winter. And I got more gathered and brewed this week.

Goldenrod-dyed cotton rug warp

This is cotton rug warp, which I dearly love for looping projects. The variations in the dye uptake might not be to many dyers' tastes, but are perfect for what I do. I plan to wax this thread and use it in a bag with bracken-dyed rug warp. More on that next time.

In the meantime, I used the last of the milk in potato soup last night. Bill made do for breakfast anyway. Things are getting back to normal-ish here.


  1. I love that colour - including the variations. Some day I will try to dye some silk or yarn it looks so much fun and really beautiful.

  2. You surely have plenty of material for dyeing, Lene! It feels like I've just scratched the surface on willow dyeing, but these other plentiful plant materials are mighty fun, too :)


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