Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Willow People

Wonderful, inspiring willow people came together last week in Decorah, Iowa, thanks to the efforts of Jo Campbell-Amsler and Lee Zieke Lee. I don't think I can sum up how important and fun this Willow Gathering was. I'll have to break it into several posts while I do laundry and prep class materials for my class at Sievers next week. So stay tuned for more about Decorah (amazing), the coracle launch, the workshops I taught, the other workshops, my new willow brake, and more. In the meantime, I put a photo album on Facebook and others from the conference are posting pictures as well.

International Willow Summit
For now, let me just say the key ingredient in this conference was the people. Generous, knowledgeable people from across the U.S. and Canada came together to learn and share. It was a wonderful mix of old friends, new friends, and people I've only known from online.

Lene Rasmussen of Lakeshore Willows
Katherine Lewis at Willowglen
Joanna Schanz, Sandy Whalen and Karen Tembreull in Katherine Lewis's Scottish Rope Coil class

Pam Talsky and Sandy Whalen
Jo Campbell-Amsler and Lee Zieke Lee

Photo op at Luther College -- a cool moth under the eave
As usual, I meant to take more photos then got busy setting up and teaching classes (and eating -- great food!). I wish I had better pictures of some of these beautiful people, or that you could see the pictures in my head!

More soon.


  1. It really was, Jeannie -- and so many knowledgeable, generous people sharing what they knew. Totally inspiring!


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