Monday, March 19, 2012

Willow Harvest

Unseasonably warm temperatures have added a sense of urgency to the spring willow harvest. More needs to be cut, but I'm relieved to have my prime beds finished. Today I felt like I had time to set up the camera and tripod in the willow bed while I cut. Even if it was only pretend, it was nice to have company!

All that willow is piled up in the cool of my studio for now until I can start sorting and bundling. But that's another day, and maybe another video.


  1. I love watching this video. I had not seen the nitty gritty of harvesting and listening to you explain was great. thanks, K.

  2. The winter was very mild here and not much snow so I finished harvesting mid February this year. It is no nice, when it is done.

  3. Thanks, Kathy -- it's getting easier for me to do short videos, so I'm glad to here you liked it. And Lene, I'm with you -- it's sooo nice when harvest is done!


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