Monday, January 9, 2012

What's On Your Job Description?

Do you ever wonder how a high school guidance counselor would describe what you do to a student who wants to follow a similar (ahem) "career path"?

On Saturday, I made willow heart ornaments to include with orders in my Etsy shop between now and Valentine's Day. That was in the "Marketing" column of my to-do list. Throughout my careers (three, as best I can count), I've done a lot of making that went into the marketing column. A few examples come to mind:
  • dyeing Easter eggs (30 dozen at a time)
  • building retail display fixtures
  • painting signs
  • fusing fabric to paper for product hang tags
  • sewing garments
(OK, that last one's a stretch, but I put wardrobe in the marketing column because it's part of an artist's brand. Otherwise, I'd probably wear jeans to everything except weddings and funerals.)

Several of the young people in our life are just starting their first careers. On Saturday while I was making willow hearts, I was pondering what they may end up doing in those careers.

I got no answers, just a pile of willow hearts. I have no idea whatsoever what will happen even in the next chapter of the lives of these young adults. We're just staying tuned, a loyal audience waiting to see what they make of the world.

How about you? What's the most unusual thing on your job description?

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