Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doodle Sweater

In about 30 seconds, I can transform any plain white garment into a patterned garment. One or two little drips of whatever I'm eating or working with in the studio is all it takes. So I wasn't surprised that Bill laughed when he saw the plain white cotton sweater I found while thrifting.

It didn't stay white long, but that was intentional. I dyed it a light blue, but that seemed too plain. So one night while watching TV, I started doodling on it with FabricMate markers.

These are pigment-based markers. Let them dry overnight and they're permanent without heat setting. I doodled around the neckline on one side and on the bottoms of the sleeves. For a dollar's worth of sweater that will probably get paint on it the first time I wear it teaching, that's enough.


  1. You're a master doodler Donna!
    Gail Mandli

  2. Don't know about master, but am quite contented in my doodle zone.


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