Sunday, May 8, 2011

Horizontal Surfaces

It's been a little crowded in my studio with two ironing boards set up. Not that I need two ironing boards. I've just been too focused on a WIP to put one back where it belongs.

Almost two weeks ago, the spot welds failed on the 30-year-old ironing board that lives in the studio.

My temporary solution was to move the board I inherited from my mother-in-law (I'm guessing it's closer to 45 years old) from the house to the studio.

The next day, Bill fixed my broken ironing board by drilling holes and bolting it back together.

While he was at it, he bolted the other end before it had a chance to break, And he replaced the rubber cap that was missing from one leg. The missing end cap hadn't been that much of a problem, since the floor in my studio has a charming quirkiness. I don't expect anything on it to be quite level or non-wobbly.

This board should be good for another 30 years now. And today I got the other board moved back to the house.

I also did some clean-up in the studio. It's been a solid but satisfying week of stitching, and this afternoon I finally finished the looped sheath on a large vessel. I've been so focused on that piece I've been ignoring the piles that accumulate as if by magic on every horizontal surface. Including an extra ironing board.

For now, things are reasonably tidy in the studio, ready for the start of a productive week.

In the house, I cleared off a couple more horizontal surfaces. If I'd left stuff where it was, though, the dust would be less obvious.

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