Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project Runaway

The thought has crossed my mind that I should run away and join the circus. Surely I've been preparing for that type of career, or I would not have acquired quite so much bright coral clothing in my wardrobe.

Yes, much of it has been there since the early 90s. More was purchased at thrift stores, probably from people who edit their closets more often than I do. I love the color, but it does not flatter me.

There's really no excuse for it, since it's not like I don't have plenty of dye on hand. So a couple of weeks ago I threw together two buckets and a washer load of dye and altered the lot of it. And that big bag in the background is stuff there was no point messing with. It's going to the thrift shop tomorrow.

There were several times this past week when I wished I still had the Coral Collection so I could run off and join the circus. I'd rather have been under the Big Top or in my studio, but I spent the week staring at the computer. I can now produce screen capture videos, thank you very much. I think I've settled on a platform for e-courses I'm developing (thanks to my friend and tech guru, Tony). I made progress on a bunch of things that aren't quite as satisfying as dyeing a whole bunch of clothes.

Then I rewarded myself by watching old episodes of Project Runway on DVDs from the library. I'm still waiting to see them get the Coral Challenge.

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