Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time Warp In The Black Hole

This week I mapped out my plan for exhibition work that will be showing in June. I've started some of the pieces, and was feeling pretty good about having things under control. Then I looked at the calendar. I need a birthday gift for a very special (and stylish) soon-to-be 15-year-old girl. And it needs to be mailed. Soon.

So yesterday afternoon, I turned this need into a Black Hole excursion. Excursion, not Exercise. Exercises have a time limit on them. On Excursions, I'm a little more flexible on the time frame. I opened the Black Hole, pulled out silk scraps in the mauvey-pinkish-purple range, and started layering and stitching.

Done. If I were going to spend more time, I might have used Lumiere or fabric medium to seal the raw edges of the reverse applique. But I think she'll like it as is.

Today, my challenge was to get a blog post done in under 20 minutes. Done. That Black Hole comes in handy.

What have you done to warp time lately?


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