Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Ready To Gimp

Don't miss Robin Atkin's recent post at Beadlust on taking and editing quality photos of beads and beadwork. Robin uses Photoshop, but I think we'll find many of the same editing features are available in Gimp. One of my goals for February is to learn more about this free software, which I used here to transform a doodle exercise.

Even though I've had Gimp for a while, I haven't used it much. I'm definitely not the person to go to for answers to technical questions. But there's no way to get better at something like this without working at it. If you'd like to participate in a learn-along, you can download Gimp here. I've set up a Flickr group where we can post samples as we work through some of the program's features. Are you in?

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